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Pattern Consulting

Jiyeon Noh, also known as Iva, is the founder and chief artisan of De Bloo Studio. Her background is diverse and interesting. After earning a master's degree in architecture and working for Samsung, she founded a successful IT company during Korea's IT boom. In addition, she pursued her passion for horseback riding, becoming a professional rider and representing Korea in international competitions. She even went on to study Sports Science at the Ph.D. level. Later, she moved to Thailand where she continued her equestrian activities as a riding instructor at Horseshoepoint, one of Southeast Asia's largest equestrian clubs.

Despite her busy life, handicrafts have always been a hobby and talent of hers. She has created traditional Korean artworks such as Hanbok clothing, handicrafts, and mosaic scarves, winning awards in national exhibitions and competitions in Korea.

In 2010, she discovered leather crafting and was immediately drawn to it. She went on to create De Bloo Studio, a space where she could share her love for this craft with others.


Wachiraya Klinjinda

Intensive/Exclusive Program

Bag Structure and

Reinforcement Analyzer

Bag design creating

Precise guidance and resources are key of perfection


Leather crafting is accessible to all; ignite your passion, and mastering all skills will become remarkably achievable.

Achiraya Sommanaphan

Intermediate/Advanced Program

High leveled skills on leather bag making

Princess of Smile

Starting from passion to expertise skills that are accumulated from experience.

The difficult steps don't make us give up, but make us excited to learn.


Thitima Butdee

Beginner/Package Course

Leading essential and fundamental knowledge teaching

Compassionate Educator 


Your Trusted Foundation Guide and Social Companion, Keeping Loneliness at Bay on Your Journey 



Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, de Bloo Studio is located at Sukhumvit Soi 29, only 20 meters from Sukhumvit road on the right side. Easily reachable by BTS Phromphong or Asoke station and 7 minutes walking distance. With the ample quiet space, you will feel relaxing in your free time, fall in love with leather crafts and also be free from all the stress of life. It is a wonderland for leather craft lovers.

De Bloo Studio

Classroom for all courses and classes

Bloo Space

Free space for homework, DIY kit, half-day class, and team building

Showroom & Pattern Study Room


Used for taking pictures