Tuition Fee: 1,375 THB / 1 session
5,500 THB / 4 sessions
24,000 THB / 20 sessions

1 session = 3 hours

Material Cost: Separated from tuition fees, guided in each session according to the items made.
The cost will be outlined during the consultation with De Bloo Studio by Jiyeon.

* You can Join the Advanced course after the Basic course

An advanced course provides you...

An understand of the basic structure of bags and patterns. 

Ability to use different kinds of leather; imported cow, goat, or lambskin. Matching them into your style by combining every single color of the material as you like.

higher-level skills used in luxury bags

various skills for reinforcing materials inside the bags. 

Ability to customize and personalize bags in your own style. Many different kinds and colors of leather are available.


You will make a bag in each step and we recommend not skipping a step.
If you want to skip the step, you can join the Customized class.

1st Step / 3 ~ 8 sessions required

2nd Step/ 4 ~ 8 sessions required

3rd Step/ 7 ~ 10 sessions required