Tuition Fee: 1,375 THB / 1 session
5,500 THB / 4 sessions
24,000 THB / 20 sessions

1 session = 3 hours

Material Cost: Separated from tuition fees, guided in each session according to the items made.
The cost will be outlined during the consultation with De Bloo Studio by Jiyeon.

* You can Join the Expert course after the Advanced course


Do you have a dream bag?

It's possible at de Bloo Studio with JIYEON

An expert course provides you the ability to...

Imagine your dream bag and discuss it with our artisan to gain an understanding of bag pattern drawing, bag structure, shape adjustment, leather, and reinforcing material choosing.

Learn how to use exotic leather including Crocodile skin, Lizard skin, Snakeskin,  and Python to make a bag.


Design and create your dream bag. Consult with Jiyeon to find the best methods and shapes for your customized and personalized bag.

create the best bag that is unique and only one in the world.​

Create Your Dream bag

Making exotic leather bags

using Crocodile skin, Python, Snakeskin, and Lizard Skin

Design and Drawing Patterns

Understanding Bag structures and learning HOW TO DRAW PATTERNS