Package Classes

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It is very easy to try. From the first hour of the class, you will get the most unique leather items you have ever dreamed of. It is designed for those who want to enjoy making leather goods in a short period. It also can be a great memorable time for couples, families, tourists, corporate events, and team building. All of the items are personalized and customized for you. You have so many choices, and more are being developed by De Bloo Studio.

Making a Bag in a short period

This class is designed for those who...

1. are interested in leather crafting but do not have enough time to learn step by step (If you want to learn step by step, we recommend you our Regular courses)

2. love luxurious bags and want to make their own customized bags by themselves with high-quality material

3. love traveling to Thailand and want valuable experience.

In these Package Classes,

Our artisans will prepare for you complicate parts. You will enjoy making bags with learning basic skills(European saddle stitch and edge painting). You may have a memorable time with your lovely bag.

A beginner can join this class and you will be very proud of your bag which is the only unique customization in the world.

In case, if you want to make it from first step all process by yourself,  you can join the Regular Course from Basic.

**Booking Required**

Half day Class

Half Day Class

You can make crafts within 3 hours.

You can make crafts within 6 hours.


One Day Class

You can make crafts within 6 hours.

You can make crafts within 6 hours.


Multi Day Class

You can make a bag in 2 - 5 days.

You can make a bag in 2-5 days.