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Strengthen Bonds: Enhance team cohesion and creativity through our engaging team-building workshops.

Skill Development: Gain new skills and unique experiences while fostering better relationships.

Create Memories: Capture happy moments with personalized items crafted by your team.

Relax and Collaborate: Escape the routine, relax, and enjoy a collaborative and supportive environment.

Benefits of Team Building

  • Communicate and understand each other

  • Learn new things and gain experience

  • Create happy memories with lasting photos

  • Craft personalized items to cherish daily

  • Escape routine and relax

  • Collaborate and support each other


Program Details

Our program is tailored to unite people, fostering better relationships and teamwork. Ideal for beginners, no prior leathercraft skills are required.

Participants will create luxury leather items they can proudly use every day, personalized to capture the memory and meaning of the experience.


Quality Commitment

We are committed to excellence, providing the highest quality materials and designs.

Our flexible program can be customized to fit your needs, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

We accommodate groups of 8 or more, with attractive discounts for larger groups.


Group Size and Discounts

  • 8-15: 30% off

  • 16-20: 32% off

  • 21-25: 35% off

  • 26-30: 37% off

  • 31-35: 40% off

  • 36-40: 42% off

  • 41-45: 45% off

  • 46-50: 47% off

  • 51+: 50% off


Promotional Classes: Enjoy the best available discount, whether it’s a promotional offer or your membership discount.

Prices can be customized to fit your budget by adjusting design and materials.

Workshops can be conducted at your site or in our studio. Suitable for groups of 8 to 100 people.