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Product ID: Elis16 / Elis22 / Elis28
Leather ID: Nappa / Calf Shrunken
Leather Type: Calfskin

Elis16: L x D x H = 16.5cm x 10cm x&13.5cm
Handle Drop: 8cm
Elis22: L x D x H = 22cm x 12cm x16cm
Handle Drop: 9.5cm
Elis28: L x D x H = 28cm x 16 cm x 19.5cm
Handle Drop: 10cm
Adjustable Leather shoulder strap

Elis16: Nappa cow leather: 1,660THB
Shrunken Cow: 2,444THB
Elis22: Nappa cow leather: 2,278THB
Shrunken Cow: 3,363THB
Elis28: Nappa cow leather: 3,020THB
Shrunken Cow: 4,512THB

Sessions Required: 5 to 10

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