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Things you need to know before edge painting.

Edge painting might be difficult and confusing for beginners sometimes, but not anymore. because De bloo is here to help you!

Here is how...

Leather edge preparation.

Yes, you heard me right. just small details will impact your work a lot. and this is all you need to do.

Step one: Clean your leather edge before applying the painting.

 We often use glue to attach pieces and end up with excess glue covering the edges. This creates extra work for us because when we apply edge paint, the pigment doesn't stick to the leather edge due to the presence of glue.

How to clean? 

Pretty easy.
using Synthetic rubber to clean all the extra glue on the edge and you are good to go for the next steps.

Step two: Edge sanding is a must.

Not only smooths the surface but it will help you round the edge if you sand at the right angle. (technics coming in the next post)

Step Three: Don't forget to clean all the dust.

People always ignore these small details and end up frustrated with tiny bums on leatherwork.

To avoid that

I recommended using a soft fabric. If necessary, you can slightly dampen the fabric with water to wipe the dust away. However, you should be careful when using water as it can damage the leather. Therefore, it's important to use water wisely and only on the leather edge.

If you use all of these techniques, your edge paint will turn out AMAZING

Give this technique a try and then come back to my next blog for instructions on how to use the edge iron to smooth out the paint.

See you next time! Also, feel free to follow De Bloo on Instagram HERE


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