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◼️ Casual look with imported cow shrunken leather


◼️ Level

This class is in difficulty Level 3.


◼️ Learning Skills

- One-Sided Saddle Stitch

- Both-Sided Saddle stitch

- Edge-Painting

- How to apply glue

- Understanding parts of bag assembly


◼️ Booking Required

After you customize your design, we need time to prepare your class.


◼️ Material & Quality.

The cow leather is genuine. There may be a slight difference in the material color from the picture, or other imperfections in leather texture such as a wrinkle, scar, or a tiny spot. Of course, we are trying to use the best part for you.

We are proud to say that all of our leather products are well Handcrafted by our adapted artisan.

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  • ◼️ Size


    L x D x H = 31cm x 12cm x 24cm


    ◼️ Material


    Outer Leather :

    Clemence Shrunken(See all colors)



    Microfiber suede(See all colors)



    Lin Cable made in France(See all colors)


    Edge Paint

    Fenice made in Italy(See all colors)