Tuition Fee: 1,100 THB / 1 session
1 session = 3 hours

Material Cost: Separated from tuition fees, guided on each item's pictures


A basic course provides you...

An experience of your new hobby in the leather world

 Essential skills to learn leather crafts from the beginning, and achieve every procedure in high details throughout the class

A clear understand

about the use of specific tools, and also foundational skills of craftsmanship through step by step instructions

Ability to create big bags in the advanced course after the basic course


Prime skills of leather craft through the basic course and ability to make DIY kit items

Basic course requires 3 ~ 5  sessions

1st Item


Making 1 item among these. It will take 1~2 Sessions depending on the items.

What you will learn

  • ​How to use punching tool for stitching holes

  • European Saddle stitch

  • Assembling Hardware

  • Detailed Edge Coating skills on layered edges


Keyring & Tassel (Trial)

  • Material cost: 250 THB

  • More than 10 colors are available

  • Togo or Epsom leather for Keyring / Ople Shrunkun cowhide for Tassel

  • The estimated learning time is 1 session

2nd Item

Making 1 item among these.

What you will learn

  • ​How to assembly Zipper (Installing slider and stopper)

  • Using iron for edge

  • European Saddle stitch (Two-sided)

  • Using lining


Handy Wallet

  • Material Cost: 700 THB

  • Imported Epsom Cow leather

  • The estimated learning time is 3~4 session

Optional Session

Making a Lucky pouch with a sewing machine

It is for those who like to learn how to use a sewing machine. It will take 1 session.


Lucky Pouch Mini

  • Material cost: 100 THB

  • size: 12.5 x 8.5 cm

  • 7 colors of Ople shrunken cow leather