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Bag It Up: Crafting Three Stylish Bags in Just 15 Days, No Experience Needed! 🇮🇳

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello from Bangkok, Thailand! 🇹🇭

It's that time again for our Intensive Class, where we help you create beautiful bags in record time. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, we're here to support you every step of the way!

We're here today with Niyati from India, who discovered our studio during her vacation in Bangkok, just before her flight back home to India 🇮🇳.

She was inspired to learn leatherwork to complement her business, which specializes in ethnic and traditional bag wear from India.

She genuinely desires to acquire intensive skills and is determined to gain all the knowledge needed to start her new project, she has decided to create three different bags, each involving different skills and stitching techniques, ranging from the easiest to the most intricate.


Elis 16

She comes to our studio every day and is given homework to complete at home. The schedule is quite demanding and intense. The first bag she selected to make is the Elis 16

Niyati started from scratch, learning how to do all the work. In this bag, she acquired skills in inside stitching, zipper installation, tubular handles, long straps, and the entire process for creating this bag.

Click here to see her work on Elis 16


Tully II

Her second bag is the 'Tully II,' crafted beautifully in Nappa leather, and the color combination of the bag is exceptionally elegant.

Whenever I post her work on the 'Tully II,' the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their desire to create this bag. This bag features a Hobo bag style, making it a timeless accessory that can be worn on the shoulder and complements any outfit perfectly.

Niyati added a personal touch to her first Hobo bag by stamping her name inside the lining. She is proud to present this as the result of her hard work.

In this bag, she is eager to learn different skills compared to the first one. This includes stitching techniques, creating volume for the front strap and long strap, and adjustable strap.

Check out for more on her work on this Tully II project



Finally, in the last bag of her first journey, Niyati chose to make the Verra, an elegant guest bag, in order to develop her style and acquire more advanced skills.

Creating the Verra is more challenging due to the exquisite quality of the leather, requiring more attention to detail to ensure a beautifully finished product.

She isn't afraid to make the Verra because she has already gained knowledge from crafting the Elis and Tully II. When I mention that this bag is more detailed, it's because she needs to affix the stabilizer neatly, not only to the Nappa leather but also in combination with Epsom. She has to prepare all the parts before stitching everything together.

The adjustable strap made from Epsom takes a lot of time to create, but she has completed everything quickly and with amazing precision.

Time flew by, and she ultimately completed the bag on the 15th day ‼️.

I became emotional as I watched her acquire such massive skills within just 15 days, inspiring her to create her own bags and elevate her business.
It's an exciting project to see her work with leather. In ethnic and traditional bags from her country.

She told us that joining our intensive program was one of her best decisions, and she inspired us immensely. She lit up our studio with her incredible ambition and bravery to venture into something new. We have the utmost respect for her.

This is the story of an Indian woman who discovered us in July and fulfilled her dream of creating a bag by October 💗.

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