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Exclusive One Day Class, very special class for Beginner !

Updated: May 14, 2020


Learning leather crafts by making this luxury handmade bag in a relax classroom from basic skill with skilful artisans. Tool usage, punching, hand stitching, and hardware installing.
Imported black and blue Epi leather will be used for the main part. You can enjoy matching it together with Swift leather in 2 color as we have orange, and Malachite green. It is lightweight, you can use it as daily bag ! Be different, be your own style !!
You can match your own twilly instead of the tightener strap ! It is very adorable. 💖
⏰ Duration : 2 sessions (6 hours) 💵Class fee included material cost : 4,400 thb with shoulder strap. ✨Additional : Finished order made handle (hand stitch required) 500 thb. Swift or Epi. 💰Deposit 1,000 thb to reserve special price, it will be expired in 3 months.