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Maitha from Abu Dhabi make her own design within 4 days.

Exclusive Program: Create Your Own Bag Design

Have you ever come across a bag design that you desire, but it's not exactly what you want? Do you wish to make a bag with your own unique design?

Meet Maitha from Abu Dhabi, a passionate handicrafter who faces the same challenge. It's our mission to assist Maitha in achieving her goal.

Maitha has flown all the way from Abu Dhabi to our studio with a tight schedule to complete her custom bag. We are dedicated to helping her finish the bag before her flight in the next few days.

Time is of the essence. Will she be able to complete it in time? Join us and witness her progress!

❤ First of all, we discussed and created the pattern, accompanied by a mockup made by Jiyeon, the founder and chief artisan of De Bloo Studio.

The size was perfect, and the style was on point. Let's begin the crafting process! Maitha learned everything from scratch, and yes, she cut the leather and all the stiffeners all by herself.

Maitha have to finish all the fower and Petals before hammer and stitiching together.

In this case, Maitha decided to use fabric as the lining, and let me tell you something... the color is absolutely amazing!

This is the progress on Maitha's project. She has done everything absolutely amazing. I post updates about Flower every day on our Instagram, and our followers are so excited about this project!

They are so exited to see the finished bag and keep liking studio's insta story.

Maitha addtent to the class everyday.
3 hours in morning sesion and 3 hours in the afternoons
and got homework to do at home. such as Normal stitch and edge paint.

Almost there, look so cute, right?

Maitha's idea to create a flower-themed bag has always been mind-blowing. I was truly amazed when I learned of her vision for this unique style. We had no idea how it would turn out, but Maitha's trust in us was unwavering.

With no sample bag to guide us and no clear dimensions in mind, we embarked on this project together. However, at De Bloo Studio, we thrive on challenges, and we were determined to find solutions.

In the end, every obstacle was overcome, because that's who we are at De Bloo Studio – the place where you come to create your dream bag, whether you're a beginner or an advanced

Here we are, showing off the amazing result of Maitha's hard work—an inspiring creation that's made her really happy.

Maitha's passion and dedication have her ready for more, and she's already planning her next exciting project.

We're so proud of her project, and it's shown us how creative we can be.

Get ready because Maitha's next amazing creation is coming soon, and we're super excited!

If you like what we do, join us on Instagram. 🌟


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