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Let's take a look closer for his work on Verra 🌙

Hello everyone! Meet Moon from Korea, a truly remarkable individual who has journeyed to our workshops, leaving an unforgettable mark on our hearts.

Let's dive into his inspiring journey:

I still remember the very first time Moon walked into our workshop. He arrived with little to no experience in handcrafting, but his enthusiasm was infectious. Moon began his learning journey with our basic program, taking each step with unwavering determination.

Moon embodies dedication, passion, and ambition. He approaches every task with an unbreakable spirit, always seeking to acquire new skills and seizing every learning opportunity.

But that's not the end of Moon's story. He discovered his true calling in our intensive classes, designed especially for adventurous souls like him. Moon's affection for our studio runs deep—he's joined us not just once, or twice, but an incredible four times!

We are deeply honored that Moon places his trust in our studio and keeps coming back. He believes in the quality we provide and the guidance we offer to help him achieve his dream of crafting exquisite bags and becoming the best version of himself.

The pride and joy he derives from his hard-earned accomplishments are undeniable. Moon's unwavering mantra has always been "I can do it," and he has never faltered. His steadfast commitment continues to amaze us as he diligently works on his projects, consistently surprising us with his remarkable progress.

At this very moment, Moon is embarking on a fresh bag design project that promises to surpass all his previous work. I'm thrilled to soon reveal his incredible creations to all of you.

Remember, just as Moon believes in himself, we believe in each and every one of you. Greatness is within your reach, and together, we can achieve wonders.✨

Join us and let your creativity soar!

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