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Your lifetime bag!

lightweight, waterproof and elegant

Introducing a versatile bag called “Bobo” which is designed by the expert artisans of De Bloo Studio. A canvas bag featured with genuine cow leather that will complete every style of your outfit.

This is not just a pretty bag, but also a practical one. It can be styled anywhere and anytime whether you have a meeting with your boss, a casual meeting with your friends or even a short trip with your family.

With the color variation we provided, you can decide and select the one that suits your personality best, and if you have the color combinations in your mind, you can design yours with our customization program and let us make it for you.

The bag comes in 3 sizes, so you can choose the size according to your everyday essentials. The storage capacity of the bag is surprisingly amazing. It allows you to bring everything with you whenever you need to, but still makes you look stylish than anyone else.


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