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"Unleash Your Creativity with DIY Kits"

Craft your own leather masterpiece with our DIY kits, complete with tutorials and instructions.

"Start Your Leather Crafting Journey"

Beginners can start with Level 1 kits, where the initial steps are partly done for you. Focus on honing your skills.

"Personalize Your Handbag"

Customize leather and thread colors. Add an imprint for an exclusive touch, reflecting your style.

"Crafted with Care"

Each kit is prepared meticulously, requiring lead time after order placement.

"Explore Our DIY Kits: Beginner to Advanced"

Our kits are designed to help you create stunning leather masterpieces.

From Level 1 to Level 4, our kits progressively increase in complexity, allowing you to gradually develop your skills and challenge yourself with each project.

Essential tools required 2 needles, thread wax, a round awl, and needle-nose pliers.


"Interested in individual Lesson for DIY kit?"

Contact us at to schedule:

  • 1-hour lesson: 300 THB

  • 3-hour lesson: 700 THB


To easily navigate our offerings, click on the "Filter"  to view DIY kits organized by level.


You are required to personalize the following elements through the 'Collection' menu on our website:

  • Leather Type and Color

  • Thread Color

  • Edge Paint Color"