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Folle /1Session

Folle /1Session

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◼️ Discover the 'Folle' bag — a versatile and chic accessory perfect for any occasion. This elegantly designed clutch is customizable in your choice of colors to perfectly match your style. Ideal for beginners and you can create this stunning piece in just about three hours, making it not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe but also a testament to your crafting skills. Make it uniquely yours and flaunt your handcrafted creation with pride!


◼️ Duration: 3 hours


◼️ Learning Skills

Using sewing machine


◼️ Booking Required

After you customize your design, we need time to prepare your class. 


◼️ Material & Quality.

The cow leather is genuine. There may be a slight difference in the material color from the picture, or other imperfections in leather texture such as a wrinkle, scar, or a tiny spot. Of course, we are trying to use the best part for you.

  • Product Details

    ◼️ Size


    L x H x D = 27cm x 28cm x 1.5cm 

    L x H x D = 27cm x 16cm x 3cm (Folded)

    Adjustable chain length


  • Workshop Information

    Required Skills


  • Customization Options

    We begin crafting your personalized order immediately. As each item is 100% hand-crafted, please allow approximately 10-14 business days for completion.


    Customization Options: Customize your project with our collection. Click the link to explore and choose your preferred color number. 

    ◼️ Material

    Cow leather

    Material & Quality.
    Our products are made from genuine cow leather. Slight variations in color or minor imperfections such as wrinkles, scars, or small spots may be present, as we strive to use the best parts of the leather. We take pride in our leather products, each meticulously hand-crafted by our skilled artisans.