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Kwijumoni Kit

Kwijumoni Kit

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Inspired by the traditional small pouches of South Korea, the Kwijumoni shoulder bag combines cultural elegance with modern functionality. This structured bag features a unique in-out design with magnetic closures, allowing you to easily change your style. Throughout the crafting process, you will learn various skills, culminating in a final result that you can be proud of. With its blend of tradition and contemporary design, the Kwijumoni bag is both a stylish and practical addition to any wardrobe.

  • Product Details

    L x D x H = 16(25.5)cm x 13.5cm x 20cm
    Handle Drop: 7cm 


    Difficulty level: 4


    Kit Included
    Leather parts
    Edge paint


    Required Skills
    One-Sided Saddle Stitching
    Two-Sided Saddle Stitching
    Edge Painting
    Applying Adhesive
    Understanding Bag Assembly Parts


    Required Tools
    2 Needles, Wax, Thread cutter, Edge painting bar, Round awl, Needle-nose pliers, Adhesive, and Adhesive Spreader

  • Tutorial Access

    Master Bag-Making with Our ONLINE TUTORIALS


    Expert Guidance, Anytime
    Learn the art of bag crafting through our detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials available online. Perfect for all skill levels, these guides are accessible anytime and anywhere, letting you learn at your own pace.


    Flexible Learning
    Pause, rewind, and watch as often as you need to perfect your techniques and enhance your crafting skills.


    WATCH NOW— Start creating with confidence!

  • Customization Options

    We begin crafting your personalized order immediately. As each item is 100% hand-crafted, please allow approximately 10-14 business days for completion.


    Customization Options: Customize your kit with our collection. Click the link to explore and choose your preferred color number. 

    Outer Leather:
    Nappa Cow leather(See all colors)

    Microfiber suede(See all colors)

    Lin Cable made in France(See all colors)

    Edge Paint:
    Fenice made in Italy(See all colors)


    Material & Quality.
    Our products are made from genuine cow leather. Slight variations in color or minor imperfections such as wrinkles, scars, or small spots may be present, as we strive to use the best parts of the leather. We take pride in our leather products, each meticulously hand-crafted by our skilled artisans.