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We are a bespoke

leather bag making workshop

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You can customize leather, color, thread color, stamp your name, and more to create your identity.


You can buy a bespoke bag 100% handcrafted by master artisan, the only bag in the world that is truly yours

You can customize leather, color, thread color, stamp your name, and more to create your identity.


Our Student's Testimonials

Our Student Testimonials


This experience was so amazing and unique!! I have made a really beautiful leather pouch with the competent help of Jiyeon and her team! It was soooo great, I didn't have any experience whatsoever before doing it and it just turned out really really awesome! They were all the time very helpful and overall so friendly and nice! We had so much fun during the process! Jiyeon even gave me a Christmas gift which I could work on during the time we had still left because the pouch was faster done than thought. I really can recommend this experience, nothing could have been better! Soo worth it! They even took photos of me during the process so I have the pouch, the photos AND the Christmas gifts, I feel really blessed!😍 also check out their other experiences on their website such as making your own (really beautiful) leather bag yourself! I will sure come back :)

Our Student Testimonials


Great experience. I had so much fun doing the experience. Ms. Jijeon and her team were very attentive. I was by myself so got extra attention. I was assisted by Pop and Bam. Pop was guiding the making of the pouch and was very patient. Certainly was very happy with the result and it was easy enough to follow the steps. Very much an I teracrive experience if you are the kind of person who enjoys doing hands on activities. They also take lots of photos while doing the experience and send you the photos after. For sure would repeat it and recommend it if want to do something different in Bkk than the usual sightseeing.

Our Student Testimonials


Very friendly instructors. good intro class into leather crafts, would recommend for newbies and not for people who are used to crafting leather items. I love the patience of the instructors. nice experience for couples/friends to try, highly recommend for a relaxing experience!



top-class leathercraft skills

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1 on 1 lesson by an expert artisan in EN, TH, KO


Dream bags made by your hands



Expert course for business, training, and career

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Making bags? No, you're making happiness for yourself.

Class time

 Booking is required 

There are 8 seats available for a class. When the booking is confirmed, we will prepare reinforcing materials and all parts for the next step of the crafting process.

THURSDAY                           10 AM ~ 1 PM
FRIDAY        10 AM ~ 1 PM / 2 PM ~ 5 PM
SATURDAY 10 AM ~ 1 PM / 2 PM ~ 5 PM

* OTHER DAYS are available in PRIVATE CLASS