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Fundamental Program

Explore the art of leather bag making in a structured, step-by-step approach with our Fundamental Program.


This comprehensive program covers all levels from beginner to advanced, ensuring a deep understanding and skill development in luxury bag creation.


Intensive Course

Designed for rapid learning, our Intensive Program ranges from 2 to 7 days.


It covers everything from bag patterns and basic construction to leather selection, catering to those with tight schedules but a keen interest in quickly mastering bag-making skills.


Crafting Workshop 

Discover the craft of leather in a manageable session with our Workshop Course.

We provide you with a semi-assembled kit—carefully prepared to ensure you can focus on the most enjoyable aspects of crafting. This setup is ideal for busy individuals who want a taste of leatherwork without starting from scratch.


Half-day/ One-day/ Multi-day/ Kids Workshop/ Team Building


See what our students say...

After retirement, I decided to give myself a challenge: making a luxury bag! De Bloo's Intensive Elis Boston Bag class was perfect. Sure, I was nervous at first, never touched leather before. But the De Bloo team? Amazing! They guided me every step of the way, turning a complete beginner into a proud owner of a stunning Elis Boston Bag in just 4.5 days! Thanks, De Bloo, for the skills and the incredible bag!


De Bloo's Exclusive program is incredible! 🤍I always dreamed of a unique flower bag, but with zero leather experience, I never thought it possible. De Bloo changed that! Their program transformed this newbie into a proud owner of a stunning flower bag – all in 4 days! Amazing results, thanks to their supportive and fun team. Now, I'm hooked! Can't wait to keep learning and create more beautiful leather pieces with De Bloo!


I’ve just completed the most incredible course at @debloo_studio in Bangkok, Thailand and I am so impressed with the quality of the bags that I made. That’s right I said Bags!! We actually made 4 bags on this trip, in a total of 7 days. It was a lot of hard work but the amazing De Bloo team helped us every step of the way 😍

This white Epsom leather bag was 100% hand-stitched! Every. Single. Stitch! It took 5.5 days + a couple of late nights 🪡 it was so worth the hard work to learn so many new skills and get into the flow of making super high-quality leather bags 👜

Iva, Vikki, Bam & Pop we want to thank you from our hearts for all the love, effort, and care you gave us during this bag-making experience. It was a great privilege for us to be taught by your team ⭐️

Amanda from I Can Make Shoes

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