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Half-Day Workshop



2.5 Hours

Trisia 18

Fundamental Program

To learn leathercraft bag making methodically, start with the fundamental program.


Progress from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced levels.


Step-by-step skill building.


Intensive Course

Our intensive bag-making course lasts 2-7 days, based on pattern complexity.


Attend consecutive full days covering bag patterns, basic construction, leather selection, reinforcing, and more.


Gain comprehensive bag-making skills.


Exclusive Course

Custom-tailored classes with detailed explanations from experienced artisans.


Design and create your own bag.


Comprehensive instruction on various techniques and customization options.



Learn leather crafting in a short time

The course is partially completed for you.

Packaged kit version provided.

Half-day Workshop/ 3 Hours

One-day Workshop/ 6 Hours

Multi-day Workshop/ 2~3 Days

Kids Workshop

Student's Showcase

See what our students say...

De Bloo's Exclusive program is incredible! 🤍I always dreamed of a unique flower bag, but with zero leather experience, I never thought it possible. De Bloo changed that! Their program transformed this newbie into a proud owner of a stunning flower bag – all in 4 days! Amazing results, thanks to their supportive and fun team. Now, I'm hooked! Can't wait to keep learning and create more beautiful leather pieces with De Bloo!


After retirement, I decided to give myself a challenge: making a luxury bag! De Bloo's Intensive Elis Boston Bag class was perfect. Sure, I was nervous at first, never touched leather before. But the De Bloo team? Amazing! They guided me every step of the way, turning a complete beginner into a proud owner of a stunning Elis Boston Bag in just 4.5 days! Thanks, De Bloo, for the skills and the incredible bag!


Whilst in Bangkok I took a trip to the fantastic @debloo_studio to fulfill my crafty needs during August. I was amazed at all the different ways to do every task and discovered a range of new handy tools. Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable and the studio was buzzing with creative energy. An absolute delight!
Thanks for having me wonderful @debloo_studio I had the best time with you all!

Georgie from Hand Of Tym